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    Clear out

    Lee perfect powder scales BNIB. Unused 20 posted

    Hornady 223rem dies, FL and seating die. FL sizing die has case stuck in it and will need a new o-ring as heated to try and remove and failed. Drill and tap will probably remove it. 18posted.ono SOLD
    100 PPU 223rem once fired brass. 20posted
    H335 powder 3/4 tub 20 f2f (north Leeds and travel to huddersfield regularly)only with FAC or swap for n160 or n140
    224 Sierra ballistic BT 55gn spitzer approx 80, 10 f2f only with FAC
    Likely more to follow,pm me your email if you want pics!

    Bank transfer or Paypal and you pay fees.
    Would consider swap for lee quick trim 30-06 dies or the quick prime for the lee breech lock press try me for anything shooting/reloading related.
    all money raised will be going to charity - NDCS
    Homepage | National Deaf Children's Society

    Cheers chris
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    Will accept reasonable offers on all the above!
    if not sold by Wednesday its going on an auction site. Proceeds are going to charity

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