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Thread: Rifle range lake district

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    Rifle range lake district

    I'm off to the lake district for a week away from the 26th of August. I would like to get out on a range 300m or morebeen very limited to a 100m range near me in Suffolk. Suffolk being as flat as a pankake it difficult to practice at range. I would also like to book a stalk if anyone would recommend a guide to go out stalking I'm staying near kendal that's if everyone is not booked up being, I've been given the go ahead for a few days by the Mrs to do boys stuff.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Johnathan standing has red, roe and fallow from stalking woodland and the fell. Hes right next to kendal. Can't help with the range sorry. Pm if want his number

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    An hours drive up to me , but i can do roe or goats and have a bit of space to do some long range targets
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Good evening, gardeners guns between Carlisle and longtown has 1, it's about 100-150m but you would need to contact them for access details, they have covered areas so you don't get soaked as well on a wet day with built in table areas for setting rifles on.Full bore range as well ��

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    Have a word with Euston Estate just outside Thetford , the range goes out to 300m

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    Bit of a drive depending where in the lakes you'll be, on the plus side it will be nice scenery all the way

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    Thank you for the replies. I will have a look at those would be nice to try the rifle at a bit more range.

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