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Thread: Macc Tecc V2

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    Macc Tecc V2

    Looking to upgrade my Hardy mod on a .308. The Macc Tecc V2 (made by Barton GunWorks and sold as Mac Tecc by Edgar Bros) looks usefully smaller and lighter than my Gen 4 Hardy. I believe they come standard on a Mauser M12 Impact. Anyone know if they are any good? Also if anyone uses the smaller V1 version on a .308 I would be interested to know how effective they are?

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    I have used both and a hardy gen 4

    the BGW mod gen1 or 2 is an awesome bit of kit , really well suited to a stalking setup , you will be surprised just how good they are for the size and weight
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    If you can, get your hands on a DPT to compare alongside the Macc Tecc. I have a Hardy Gen IV on my 6.5x55, but went with the DPT for my .308.

    £260, 30g lighter than the Hardy and comes apart.
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    Thought about the DPT which has a good reputation only it's the same size as the Hardy, although marginally lighter. The Macc Teccs are significantly smaller and lighter, I appreciate you will inevitably loose some of the sound reduction with a smaller mod but I do tend to wear ear plugs anyway (apart from the odd unavoidable shot).

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    Sound suppression is excellent with the Mac tech
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    How does the macctech compare with A-Tec Hertz?
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    Any follow ups on the V2?

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    Never tried it in the end, too much hassle to swap a mod in Scotland now.

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    Aye it's a bit of a pain in the arse like. Hopefully it will get better once all the change settles down a bit.

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    i have a barton gunworks moderator on my blaser great bit of kit

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