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Thread: kapsmotorsport Suzuki jimney

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    kapsmotorsport Suzuki jimney

    anyone got or tryed the above ATV type jimney certainly look the dangles could this be a great little deer extractor come shooting vehicle

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    Wen I had my jimny this BigJimny Home Page was a huge help with so much knowledge, great forum and good shop too.

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    That looks a very capable machine, just like the 410's and 413's were.

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    looks like a pug diesel engine will fit these too .looking on auto trader for a donor vehicle will see how much the build is next week .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    looks like a pug diesel engine will fit these too .looking on auto trader for a donor vehicle will see how much the build is next week .
    Keep us posted

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    Diesel engines do fit but involve a whole lot of work with the ECU, wiring, rev counter which is why most people don't bother. European Jimny's come in a diesel varient (1.5 Renault unit) but they were never sold in the UK so the wiring parts are hard to come by and expensive. Best bet (which is what most people do) is to put the 1.6 Suzuki Liana engine in instead. Its a straight swap and all the wiring and mechanicals matche up. Teamed with a rock Lobster transfer box and big wheels the Jimny is almost unstoppable. Have a look on BigJimny as if it's been done or thought about doing it will be on there somewhere. There was even a guy who was putting in a 6 speed lexus 2.0 engine!

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    I see a Jimny on autotrader with snorkel, winch, big wheels.

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    Had a 410 for years, used to call it star trek .... it would go where no man had gone before. A bit dear on fuel for its size but it saved walking . Go for it Norma

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    I had a SJ 413 as my first Suzuki and subsequently a couple of 1.6 Vitaras. I now have a Jimny.
    All of these vehicles have given me perfect reliability and will go places that bigger and more expensive vehicles won't as they are so small and light.
    The jimny engine I have fitted is a 85hp 1.3 petrol which is more than enough for my needs. It is the perfect small summer stalking vehicle when all you are after is the odd muntjac or roe.
    You can easily convert one yourself to suit your needs with only minimal engineering knowledge. See here for a whole host of bits to transform a standard Jimny into a very capable little ATV:

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