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Thread: Parker hale rifle - Zeiss scope

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    Parker hale rifle - Zeiss scope

    Morning ,could do with some advice or help with this one please ?
    My best mates dad passed away a year ago and he left him his rifle . Now there is a lot of sentimentality with this rifle as we both shot our first deer with it . He was my stalking mentor .
    It has a really high grade walnut stock which came from the Parker hale factory as he went and chose it himself from a box back in th 80s .
    We have however had a a nightmare in trying to put a new scope on it .
    It had the original nikko sterling gold crown scope on it since new and to be fair was still holding zero , they don't make them Like that any more ! However my mate wanted to up grade so bought a new 30mm Zeiss scope . We put it on and could not get the windage far enough over !
    The mounts are not in correct line !!
    So what do we do ????
    We have new 30 mm rings .
    Advice please ?

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    what rings are you using?

    cheapest option are Leupold Windage adjustable bases (any rings can be sourced to match tube and height requirements)

    Leupold 2 Piece Standard Rifle Base - Optics Warehouse

    centre the scope windage (full right on turret, count total clicks to full left and wind back half number to centre)
    Then use windage screws on rear base to adjust as close to zero as possible, then use a few clicks.

    which nikko stirling was on it?
    if you ever decide to sell it let me know!

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    Are there any windage screws on the rear scope mount base? If not, as Bewsher says the best course of action is buying new bases/rings with that facility.
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    Does anyone else find this odd that the Nikko Stirling scope was zeroed and held zero yet the new expensive German scope will not zero and it' is the rifles fault????

    If as it is claimed that the action is not drilled correctly how come the old Nikko zeroed. To me it sounds like the newly purchased stuff is at fault either ecope or new mounts.

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    conure i dont think the op is claiming its the rifle or the scope which is at fault its just a mounting issue

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    Some scopes have wider range of windage than others

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    I think it maybe that the original 'scope was packed on one side of the mounts. Or...more likely the new 'scope has run out of lateral adjustment because its elevation is set at maximum.

    Easiest answer is to count the clicks available with the reticule adjusted so the elevation sets the reticule exactly in the middle of the heigt of the 'scope.

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    Burris Posilign rings have polymer inserts which are eccentric, so they can be turned to shift the neutral point of aim up, down, left or right by quite a few MOA.

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    Awhile back now I recall a Gunsmith saying some Parker Hale rifles having misaligned base mounting holes, so second the use of Burris Signature Zee rings with poly inserts. As said below separate inserts from those supplied provide a variety of off-set options.

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    Give Norman Clark Gunsmiths a ring - 01788 579651 - they're Parker Hale specialists.

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