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Thread: 6.5x47 load for 120Amax

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    6.5x47 load for 120Amax

    just got my semi custom 6.5x47, it shoots Lap123 Scenar very well with all three touching at 100 metres. I have some 6.5mm Amax in both 120 and 140 grain left over from when I shot 6.5x55.
    Anybody got any pet loads for either 120 or 140 grain Amax?

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    Got a vit N140 load for the 123 Amax if you want to tweek that ?
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    Thanks for the heads up, yes you've got to start somewhere.
    I've got N150 at moment so I'd have to get a different powder

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    36.4g of varget does well for me with a 123g Amax seated 40 thou off the lands with CCI 450 primers

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    got some varget, I'll have a load up.

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    Probably best to start a bit lower and work up, perhaps 34g or there abouts.

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    Havent used 140 Amax as yet but have a nice 139 Scenar load with 37.8 grains N550

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    what bullet are you guys using on live game?

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    There all using Amax LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by llwynog View Post
    what bullet are you guys using on live game?
    I have mainly used 120g Sierra pro hunters and 120g Nosler BT but have some 100g TTSX loaded up for next time

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