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    I had a chap out stalking and he commented that there would not be any one about as the deer he was looking at would have run away. I suggested that in some case this might be true but certainly not a rule to use to be safe. Deer In and Around Towns for instance don't really mind people and behave totally different.

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    That could be a very dangerous assumption.

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    his comment assumes the deer see everyone but they didnt spot you

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    I had a roe buck and two does in a field yesterday evening, just about to take a shot on the buck when a family and their two dogs appeared about 150m from the deer on a track..... Deer didn't bat an eyelid, I did, of course, waiting patiently for the people to bugger off before concluding the evenings activities with a buck in the bag, but you know what they say, assumption is the mother of all f@@k ups.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Fired twelve homeloads on an unmoderated 308 couple of weeks ago,wrapped it up put away got my rifle and sticks waked 100mtrs down track and got a buck happily wandering along, same thing this morning saw nothing last light had a walk again this morn returned for a brew 15mtrs from car heard a rustle doe runs passed closely followed by a buck she carried on i froze he froze he turned i shot,,, home by 08-00am

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