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Thread: Risk Assessment

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    Risk Assessment

    Visual Risk assessment should always be done before a shot is fired how comprehensive well that's down to the shooter and what he know,s.

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    I would say that shot is perfectly safe, however it is still not sensible.
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    I'd be leaving that for another day, not where I would choose to shoot to be honest.

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    Sorry .... Absolute no no for me .... Houses n cars etc slightly off line & not very far away either ..

    Now before I'm shot down in flames .... My opinion & im entitled to it ..

    Same as if you would take the shot ... Crack on


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    Snap - technically safe, but viewed from those houses, in effect the rifle would appear to be pointing in the direction of the housing, which is just asking for a complaint to the police - exacerbated by the bambi factor of course! The shot sound is also going to travel directly in that direction (moderator or not) too. No way would I take that shot myself as it's begging for an outcry from the occupants of the estate. If in doubt my own rule is "there's always another day". Each to their own, but definitely not one for me.

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    I would ask the owner of the house if i could put a lean to high seat on the end of the house in exchange for a bit of venison .

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    Just going on the picture I don't think I'd want to shoot deer there , it's too close to an estate for starters I'm not fussed about the odd country cottage etc but not an estate you would attract a bit to much attention for my liking

    on the other hand if you had your back towards the estate facing the opposite way the pic was taken there could be miles of countryside and plenty of safe backstop etc in which case it'd be a perfectly fine shot for first thing in the morning / sun up and no one would even know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Hamburger View Post
    I would say that shot is perfectly safe, however it is still not sensible.

    Really ?? To be honest all sorts of things would run through my mind. How about a ricochet off a hidden rock, or kids from the estate in the long grass. I'm not saying you're wrong with your assumption, just that I couldn't take the shot, my mind wouldn't let me.

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    Not for me! Just too many potential risks. What happens if you have a "runner"? Leave it for another day or just to enjoy an urban deer!

    Although I'm with Jagare...hi seat in a garden...or out of the window of one of the bedrooms!

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    Please! cant believe you clowns even discuss this

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