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Thread: Munich mall attack: Calls in Germany for tighter gun laws

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    Munich mall attack: Calls in Germany for tighter gun laws

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out and if it spreads from Germany to the EU as a whole.

    Reading the article it was an illegal firearm held without a permit.

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    It would seem illogical to tighten laws for legally held firearms since all reports of this tragedy indicate the use of a completely illegal firearm/s and ammunition.
    It's the illegal flow that require closer scrutiny and stopping, but all right thinking people understand how difficult that can be.
    All legal firearm owners understand the need to keep their weapons secure against unauthorised access and use.
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    If someone suggested tighter controls on trucks due to the attack in France people would say don't be ridiculous ,but when an unlicensed gun is used for an attack there are calls to tighten the issue of guns to licensed gun owners, which is equally ridiculous .Items do not kill, people do and the present PC world does not allow for sufficient control of the type of people who are likely to do these acts.
    Also it seems that most Governments will not be happy until there are no privately owned firearms,i wonder why ?


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    The attacker didn't have a firearm permit, the serial number was filed off the gun, he was mentally unstable and if he had applied to legally hold a firearm he would have been turned down.

    What part of increasing legislation would prevent this????

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    Well at the moment, they say they are reviewing their gun laws. So we'll no doubt see what happens there. Should there be some measures that could restrict the numbers of illegal firearms, then that would be the way to go. To be honest, I don't know much about their arrangements. I understand fully automatic firearms aren't allowed, there are circumstances where you can own semi-autos but I don't know about hand guns.

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    It looks like the GDR will be following the same path as the UK. A handgun ban must be next up as this is the major type of smuggled weapon. Whether that will work or not that has to be a consideration, now that the gun licensing system wasn't at fault (allegedly).

    From todays' Observer ....

    Gun ownership in Germany is the highest in the European Union and the fourth highest in the world, with more guns legally owned per capita than in Mexico, Russia or South Africa. More than 5.4 million guns are registered as being in private hands. But it seems it would have been difficult for the Munich gunman to obtain his gun legally without a major failing of German ownership regulations.

    To own a semi-automatic 9mm Glock pistol like the kind used in the Munich shootings, a citizen would have had to have been over 18, waited a year for his licence and undergone a psychological evaluation.

    Killings by firearms in Germany are double that of the UK. But three school massacres carried out by former students – in Winnenden in 2009 where 16 people died, in Emsdetten in 2006 where five people were hurt and the shooter killed himself, and at a school in Erfurt in 2002 where 17 people died – were instrumental in forcing through political reforms which are widely seen as making the country’s gun controls amongst the most stringent in the world.

    The controls have seen the numbers of murders using a gun drop dramatically, from about 40% in 2000 to 13% in 2011, although firearms are still the most common method of committing suicide.

    Two people out of every million die in gun killings in Germany each year. The statistic is one per million in the UK – and in the US 31 out of every million deaths are a homicide involving a gun.

    The German authorities restrict the acquisition, possession and carrying of firearms to those with a legitimate reason for a weapon – for example hunters or members of sports shooting clubs. Although in vast swaths of the country people still love traditional hunting and shooting, gun ownership is not a right, as it is the US. There is also a ban on fully automatic weapons and restrictions on the acquisition of other types – and especially the sale of large-calibre weapons to young people.

    Compulsory – and expensive – liability insurance is required for anyone who is licensed to carry firearms, and strict rules govern the storage of guns in safes.

    Reforms enacted in 2009 in response to the massacre by 17-year-old Tim Kretschmerat at his school in Winnenden saw the creation of a federal gun register and the allowing of spot checks at the homes of any registered gun owner. Now applicants wait a year to receive their licence; young adults under the age of 25 must pass a psychological test; and any licenceholder caught drink-driving or showing any kind of erratic behaviour has to go for a psychological evaluation as well.

    The country has had a chequered modern history with gun legislation – after the lax regime of the 1930s, post-war German citizens were not allowed to privately own a gun at all until 1956. Then the rules were relaxed until the height of the Red Army Faction violence in the 1970s, when regulations were again revised.
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    They could always consider a more thorough check of trucks coming in from Eastern Europe, they may find that helps cut down on illegal hand guns . Or is that too logical ?

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    No, no, no, RodP. Nothing must be allowed to stop the Eastern European flood of illegal guns, Roma pickpickets, Bulgarian prostitutes and all the other benefits enlargement of the EU in 2004 occasioned us.

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    I hope that the German shooting community manages to avoid the sort of idiotic knee jerk legislation that we have had imposed on us. Currently they are still permitted semi-auto centre-fires and pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    They could always consider a more thorough check of trucks coming in from Eastern Europe, they may find that helps cut down on illegal hand guns . Or is that too logical ?
    the schengen agreement would fall flat on its R's...saying that it has anyway.

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