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Thread: Staying Away

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    Staying Away

    What accommodation do people prefer when going stalking for a couple of days or more?

    1. B&B
    2. Self catering cottage/house
    3. Roughing it in the car/tent with all the ticks and midges and creepy crawlies

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    We are lucky on one forest, we have a massive static, pretty recent model bit of double glazing, on another it's either kip in a doe box or stick a carp bivvy up.
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    A nice B&B/pub which loves stalkers and dogs.

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    I prefer to be in the wood. As I don't do much summer stalking I have a caravan on my syndicate which has a good log burning stove to dry things out and keep us very warm.
    Occasionally I do think it would be nice to be in a b+b or hotel with the diner cooked and a nice hot shower, but not often. I just prefer to arrive and be self sufficient for the days I'm there.

    Just adding a few improvements to my summer accommodation ready for a trip this coming weekend. Just a trailer with a cover, a stove some food and a rifle. Can't wait for some peace and quiet.

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    i think the requirements are;- ability to try clothes, sleep in comfort and peace when not out stalking, near or on the beat and larder, if getting catered for a proprietor who understands the awkward hours and the fact you might be late back at times, warm water to wash in(I have used rivers, ponds etc, not nice in winter when you break the ice before getting in). Some eye candy is all ways a good bonus

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    Bivvy bag, roll mat, Kelly kettle and jet boil. Don't mind honking for a couple if days, as it's only me
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    Hammock, bag, Kelly,pan,firelighter,bread,tobacco. Don't mind fresh meat and love liver. Can last a week.
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    B&B hot n cold running is always nice but a basher and a fire pit can/ is just as good if sorted right as above.

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    B&B that allows dogs, recently stayed in a Bothy near Beattock that was really nice, fully kitted out with kitchen, dining and living area on ground floor and 2 double bedrooms with en suites upstairs, no point roughing it when this was £70 for the night and 2 of us shared it so just £35 each, brekkie included.


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