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    Question to US members

    Just looking for a bit of clarification from those across the pond. I am planning an extended trip to the US and would like to know where I stand on purchasing a firearm while I am over there. I hold dual US/UK citizenship (US born parents) so I would have thought I should theoretically have no problems. The only issue I can see is my lack of a US residential address, will this be an problem?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Laws vary by state, even with a background check which may be done by the FBI, so an address is required for most purchases. If you are going to ship the rifle back to the UK, there would be a different provision. I will ask two friends who are dealers and importers and exporters from the UK and Europe.

    There are several British citizens on this site who have lived in the U.S. and worked there, or just hunted there, so you should expand your question and rephrase the title, to get their input.

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    I should really have said I am going to be based in Arizona but traveling around a fair bit. When I have registered to vote I am just required to give my most recent US address, maybe it is the same for background checks?

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    Again, what Southern said about state to state is correct. There are some national laws that require a background check and no criminal record. After that it is state by state.

    A state such as IL will require an FOID (Firearm Owners ID - much like a FAC ) and a significant waiting period. Other states will require only a valid ID for residency (not necessarily citizenship) and background check.

    Also so beware that possession of that firearm is not equally protected in each state. Some states such as New Jersey and New York are notorious for charging lawful firearms owners for illegal possession during transit.

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    Yes, you are a citizen or legal resident of a state, commonwealth, or territory. US status is derived from that. Legal state residence is where you would have a state driver's license, insurance, and pay state taxes ( if there are any ).

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