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Thread: Parker Hale as donor action?

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    Parker Hale as donor action?

    With so many of these out there for pennies why aren't they being used as donor rifles? I thought the PH was based on the Mauser design, so probably a decent action? is it just because they aren't stainless?

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    As some folk don't think they are a real Mauser. Which is odd as the Spanish action P-H used were made in the same factory that made, under licence, Mauser actioned rifles for the Spanish military.

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    I'm sure that if Kevin were still around he would point out that the Parker-Hale action is a Fabrique National (aka FN) from Liege, Belgium. One of the best modernisations of the M98, with most of the parts still interchangeable with the original. Used by Sako, Colt, Marlin, Harrington & Richardson, and Roy Weatherby in his early days.

    As for using it as a donor action, it's old fashioned with a sloppy bolt throw, and in long action only. They are around in many calibres, and even the best seem to fetch only around 200-250.
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    Would make a very nice basis for a good custom rifle. Rigby's, Westley Richards etc etc all used these actions in the late 1960's and 70's and built some very nice rifles on these.

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    what makes you think they are not being used?
    Lothar Walthar do a pre threaded and chambered barrel specifically for it

    The PH is more usually seen on the Santa Barbara action rather than FN but there are many traditional "African" rifles being built on them

    there are better versions of the same action freely and readily available over the Santa Barbara though

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    A while ago , I think Ejg on here, wrote that the action is the least important part in a rifle concerning accuracy. ( Edi, don't shoot me if I use your name in the wrong way) . I know him a bit and know he's a very practical man. No nonsense. With least he mentioned after barrel quality and bedding quality.
    Once there is a decent trigger for the action, I don't see why you should buy an over expensive action for a stalking rifle if cheap actions are around.

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    My tuppence worth is that the later Parker-Hales as far as I can tell used commercially produced actions. Have heard they were made in Spain and after all Spain has a huge firearms industry unlike we in the UK now. Spain was also the source of Toledo steel which at one time was about the best steel in the world.

    So if the action is not damaged and is true why should it not make a fine rifle?

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    [QUOTE=Conure;1142684]So if the action is not damaged and is true why should it not make a fine rifle?[/QUOTE

    Because people are snobs mate.
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    Plenty of cheap ones on the Holts resale sight and other M98 actions

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    [QUOTE=Greener Jim;1142703]
    Quote Originally Posted by Conure View Post
    So if the action is not damaged and is true why should it not make a fine rifle?[/QUOTE

    Because people are snobs mate.
    yes some are and many more have been brain washed by slick advertising to pay mucho amount for a brand name! This is nothing new especially here in the UK. It ust shows how silly and easily influenced soem people are and this probably explains why as country we are in a mess as these people can vote as well.

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