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Thread: Semi Custom 22-250 Ackley

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    Semi Custom 22-250 Ackley

    Selling due to a new project looming spec as below

    Sako 75 action & trigger (both new at build & reworked trigger)
    Border Cut fluted & bead blasted match barrel 24" 1-9 twist
    Mcmillan stock partially bedded
    Badger bolt knob
    Fluted bolt
    Thread cap
    Optilock rings & Bases
    Redding type S bushing neck die
    Redding body die
    Redding competition seater die
    Almost full tub Vit 150
    Half box Nosler bullets
    40 Nosler cased made up rounds
    Built by Chris Blackburn, formally of Anglo Custom Rifles Now of UK Gunworks.
    This rifle has fired approx 350-400 rounds since build and is two and a half years old.
    With Nosler 69gn custom comp bullets it has shot in the .4s at 300 yds.
    I run 60gn Noslers and Sierra Varmint at the moment and have taken countless number of foxes with it.
    The rifle is in mint condition and shoots exceptionally well its laser flat and hard hitting the foxes dont get up.

    Please note scope is not included in the price, usuall Fac conditions apply face to face sale preferred.


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    Nice rifle, how does it shoot?

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    Thanks, sub 1/4" all day long, have shot sub 1/2" at 300 yds very nice tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Nice rifle, how does it shoot?
    it would shoot a fly off a foxes back !

    cracking rifle have seen it take some foxes.

    alot of rifle for the money. i no nobull be sad to see it go. but got his heart set on a 6br now
    has his shooting needs have changed due to roe deer on his land

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    Offers considered

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    Last chance before its re barreled

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    dont rebarrel it mate. that barrel is like new and your get a buyer for it

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    I agree would be a shame to rebarrel it. If I were in the market for a 22/250 I would have had it myself but have just sold one as i never used it.

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    Not to worry its now sold.

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