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Thread: .308 Barnes TTSX and Berger bullets

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    .308 Barnes TTSX and Berger bullets

    I have for sale to following:

    2 boxes (50 bullets per box) of Barnes 130gr TTSX @ 30.00 per box (one boxes has been opened but the bullets have never been loaded).

    1 box (50 bullets) of Barnes 165gr TTSX @ 30.00 per box

    1 box (only contains 84 bullets) of Berger 155gr Hybrid Target @ 40.00 for the remainder of the box.

    2 tubs (@ 1lb each) of Ramshot Big Game @ 20.00 per tub (one tub is unopened, the other I have just noticed is open but feels full so I may have snuck a little out).

    1 tub (@1lb) of H380 @ 25.00 ( tub is still sealed)

    Usual legal requirements apply. Ideally looking for collection in person but if you interested please PM me as it may be possible to make local arrangements.

    Thanks in advance.

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    pm sent

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    All PM's responded to.

    Many thanks.

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    Thanks for all the PM's to date.

    All items listed with the exception of the Berger Bullets are now sold pending funds.

    Many thanks

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