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Thread: Spigot stock help

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    Spigot stock help

    I have a Neopod bipod and Have bought a glue in spigot from vertebrae my idea was to have it drilled and fitted into the for end of my McMillan sako thumb hole stock which I though could be done with easy haha here's the funny but I spoke to a well known Yorkshire gunsmith and he thinks it could ruin the stock or brake or .... Etc and there for won't do it what do the smiths on this site think here are a few pics does anyone think this is asking too much or can it be done ?regards benji
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    What is the inside of the stock like?

    Done well with the QR points tapped into the spigot and the voids filled with decent epoxy it should be solid

    i went a different route as I didn't like the stepped design and wanted it closer to the barrel
    also didn't like the permanent nature of the drilled in design

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    It's composite of some sort with fibreglass outer like most mcmillans the ad studs have slight voids Click image for larger version. 

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    I would be more tempted to put a proper fore end rail on the stock if I'm honest. As the man above said yes it can be done but there are other options that maybe better. Normally the fitting you have are built into the stock during the manufacturering process. Good luck with what ever way you go

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    Definitely don't drill into the end, not enough material.
    Here is my solution, cut the spigot down and welded it to a strap.

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    I fitted one or two of Bewsher's type. Only the spigot might not be parallel to the barrel.
    I have also fitted a few with the hole drilled from the front but they are a pain to fit and align. The Mc. Mil stock is not a monocoque construction in the forend and might be too weak if one only glues the round bar in the front. Better would be to mill out from the barrel channel, use strong bedding compound to set the round bar and glass over the top.

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    I'd thought of a similar idea milling out the bottom but under the barrel is a much better idea thanks very much for all your replies the sd is a useful site to ask questions when you have no idea yourself regards Benji

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    Got it marked out for a channel milling out of it then going to use Devon to bed it in and the qd stud to anchor it down then fill the channel with Devon any thoughts
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is the sling stud going to pull it from below? Would it need some fibreglass in with the bedding compound above to tie in to the stock as it will be getting loaded from below, unlike when an action is pulled into it when bedding if you get my drift.

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    if thats the barrel channel with the inletting on the top side it looks like a good plan

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