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Thread: RPA International rifles

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    RPA International rifles

    Does anyone have experience of RPA? I like the sound of them but wanted to know what people thought of them.

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    The fact that know one shoots one, I think is telling me something!!!

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    The RPA is more target or tactical based so that is maybe why.

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    Had a couple good rifles very accurate and a very solid action, you wouldn't want to Carry one to far, they do a highland stalker and a woodland stalker, the highland stalker is still heavy with a mod bipod etc. And the woodland stalker comes with a 16" barrel as standard, they are good but my personal opinion is well over priced just simply because they are made in the uk.

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    Ive had a total of 3 RPA rifles, a thumbhole hunter in .243, a thumbhole hunter in .308 both bughole accurate. Only sold them to make way for custom rifles. I currently have a .223 Interceptor which is a deadly foxing rifle.

    Ive heard a few rumours over the standard of workmanship on newer rifles (actions) but Ive never had any issues with those Ive had in my hands. RPA as a company are not the best at customer service, or weren't when I last purchased direct from them.

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    Great guys and rifles. Bought a new 308 woodland stalker a few years ago and very pleased. Proper engineering and very very accurate. Only sold it on due to weight and couldn't justify having it as a nice toy as tend to use my lightweight 308 sako as my working rifle. If Sid is still there speak to him and he will look after you.

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    Thanks for all of the advise.

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    A friend of mine let me shoot his RPA tactical rifle in .308 a while ago.
    Just a few rounds, but enough to convince it was a great piece of kit: solid build, great to shoot, and with a truly excellent trigger.
    If you know anyone who has one, I'd really recommend you try it.
    You might find this review of their woodland stalker helpful:
    RPA Rangemaster Precision Arms - Woodland Stalker | Blog

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