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Thread: Ranger Radio.

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    Ranger Radio.

    I have to travel a couple of hours into Argyll - and beyond - quite regularly. I live in Perth. From about Comrie onwards I struggle to get any radio reception.
    Can I fit some sort of modern radio which will track the signal - or what?
    I know that someone on here will be able to help, so, in advance, thanks.

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    Does your radio not automatically pick the strongest signal? I get a good radio signal all over the bits of Argyll I go to. The only time I had an issue was when my truck had its ariel shortened, new ariel put on and problem solved

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    Make sure it's set to AF (if RDS on VHF/FM) but DAB is a bit beyond them places.

    Long Wave works...

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    I remember when the only radio station that you could get when out and about stalking in Scotland was Radio Caroline!

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    Ranger, I have noticed that the aerial is tiny. It's not broken, just stubby and I did wonder about that. Maybe a simple fix.

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    I've heard of "DAB" but never researched it. My impression is that it works over a wider area?

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    Might depend how new ur motor/radio is but new motors are now all DAB radios

    Must admit don't know much about DAB except its rubbish, even in my house radios u have to turn them on to FM to get any reception.
    I think it needs a stronger higher quality signal.

    Even in my vans on RDS which is meant to find the strongest signal fot station i have the same stations saved on the different frequancies and just push the botton manually when i move areas.

    To young to remember radoi caroline but how come u can get bloody classic fm everywhere u go perfectly no mater how remote but no other stations

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    Maybe have the aerial checked or replaced.

    Presuming that you are listening to an FM radio station - FM frequencies in the UK are in the Very High Frequency (VHF) band and transmit an analogue signal. The transmission of an FM signal is typically line of sight - so if you are travelling over hill and dale then the signal may weaken and the sound become scratchy. Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB/DAB+) uses the same VHF frequencies but transmits a digital signal which once received by your radio converts all those zeros and ones into an analogue or audible sound. The audio standards that can be achieved with DAB+ are typically higher than for regular FM analogue broadcasts. However, the signal tends to be a "binary" - either "on" or "off" - what that means if you are in an area of poor reception is that you may not have insufficient signal strength/data received to convert it into an audible sound (i.e. analogue). So instead of a scratchy sound you may have no sound until you move to an area of better reception. So also replacing your Ranger's radio with a DAB/DAB+ capable one may not solve your problem. Something that plays music from other media (connects to a smartphone, USB stick or even CDs) may be worth considering...

    As for DAB coverage in rural areas check out: - not as widely distributed as you think

    For BBC Radio coverage and FM frequencies: - still gaps in rural areas

    Hope this helps....

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    Quote Originally Posted by goathunter1 View Post
    Ranger, I have noticed that the aerial is tiny. It's not broken, just stubby and I did wonder about that. Maybe a simple fix.
    mine was cut to about 4 inches, replacement is a foot or so. Size does matter, in this case anyway!

    DAB works here too

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    Longwave, the great 208. Radio Luxembourg. Many a dark bothy night listening to that.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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