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Thread: B Nickel Marburg Supra 1.5-6x42 - MODERN IMAGE MOVING 30mm TUBE

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    B Nickel Marburg Supra 1.5-6x42 - MODERN IMAGE MOVING 30mm TUBE

    I have a surplus to my needs 30mm bodied B.Nickel Marburg 1.5-6x42 M.

    This is the more modern Nickel Marburg with "image moving" and not "reticule moving" zero adjustment. (In other words when you add windage or elevation the reticule stays where it is - like all modern 'scopes).

    I am in Leicester.

    Reticule is typical "German Post" and is of the front focal plane type so the reticle remains at same constant magnification size as the target magnification size.

    The magnification ring is marked (to help an "exact x times magnification such as 3x needs to be set to be legal in Poland on boar) 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x.

    Nickel Marburg do still exist and their items are as good as any Zeiss.

    I would prefer buyer to meet, inspect, collect and pay.

    Cost is 285.00 including meeting within thirty miles of Leicester - for example A1 SOUTH Peterborough or A1 NORTH Grantham Services, M1 SOUTH Watford Gap Services, M1 NORTH Trowell Services, M6 Hilton Park Services.

    Please PM me if interested.

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    For those unsure about the pedigree of this scope, I confirm that Enfield is being straight. And not that we'd suspect anything else. Nickels have very high quality German glass and excellent build quality - both to a standard that would make Leupold blush with shame and which stands comparison with Kahles, Zeiss, Swaro and S&B. The company services its products for a very reasonable fee.

    I sold a 6X42 Nickel scope on eBay last year for 360. This one is, may I say it, underpriced for what it is.
    KevinF -

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    Thanks for the heads up on their value, I had mine on offer for 315 delivered. But being a victim of the subprime crunch I need all the scrote I can get to cover my costs.
    Ain"t worked for two years (freelancer).

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