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Thread: Full bore ranges in the Thetford area

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    Full bore ranges in the Thetford area


    Does anyone here use a range - either private or MOD - in the Thetford area for load development ?

    I have always had access to my own ground -or used BSRC or Siberia @Bisley for load development - but will be moving Norfolk soon. Does anyone shoot on the Thetford Gallery just off the A14, and if they do how do you join? I am still a member of the NRA and have my RCO ticket for another 4 years. Can anyone help or give some advice .


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    Look at the Grove shooting club. I believe they shoot on all those ranges.

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    Come to the BDS East Anglia Branch Range Day at Euston on Saturday August 13th as there are several guys there that shoot elsewhere in the area who will be happy to chat.

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    thank Glyn,

    I'll take you up on that offer.

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    Try jim@dgvm on here. Lovely facilities. Makes a decent cuppa as well


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    I am a member of Grove Small Arms. It's a friendly club, they shoot at the following ranges:

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    Thanks all for the information. I will be following up all the leads.

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    Kynamco indoor range in Mildenhall!


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    For load development you'll not beat the Kynamco range at Mildenhall. It is an old 100m tunnel so you can shoot at any time without environmental factors. I think it costs about 30/hour?
    Not far from Thetford. Details here:
    The BDS range at Euston is also a great day though and with the added benefit of regular practice and free coaching if required. You also do not need a range competence certificate as you would on a MOD range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam64 View Post
    Try jim@dgvm on here. Lovely facilities. Makes a decent cuppa as well


    Sam, what range is this, and where is it?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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