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Thread: SkyMax-102 Astronomical Telescope New - 200 shipped (299 RRP)

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    SkyMax-102 Astronomical Telescope New - 200 shipped (299 RRP)

    This telescope was a birthday present for my Father who is now suffering from dementia and has not been able to use it.
    It has not been used, I have unboxed it for the first time yesterday to assemble and photograph, it has been packed away now in its original boxes and bubblewrap

    We are selling this as it won't be used and we are making some changes to his home.
    It is a fairly high end hobbyist scope that cost over 400 new but now retails at 300 or so.
    It is very heavy and will cost a fair amount to ship safely but that is included in the price

    200 shipped RMSD

    ************************************************** *************************

    SKYMAX-102 (EQ2)



    The highly portable SKYMAX-102 EQ2 is ideal for the observation of double-stars, and the surface detail of the Moon and bright planets. Despite its small dimensions, it packs a powerful punch. Its high-resolution, long focal length optical system is multi-coated to maximise contrast and image sharpness.
    Supplied with the EQ2 equatorial mount, which when polar aligned, will allow you to easily track objects as they move across the night sky via its slow motion control cables.

    • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x52 & x130
    • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x204
    • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 102mm
    • Telescope Focal Length: 1300mm (f/12.74)
    • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
    • Red Dot Finder
    • 1.25"/21.7mm Star Diagonal
    • Focusing by Moving Pimary Mirror
    • EQ2 Equatorial Mount
    • Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray
    • 28% more Light Gathering than 90mm

    Most reflectors today usually have a coat of aluminium as the mirror surface and then an overcoat of silicon monoxide or silicon dioxide to protect it. Silicon dioxide produces a much more durable coat than silicon monoxide but requires specialized equipment to apply it and is therefore more expensive. Protection is needed, because in most reflectors, the mirror is open to the elements and deterioration of the reflective layer reduces the resolution of the telescope.ALL Sky-Watcher reflectors are Multi-Coated with Silicon Dioxide as standard for Optimum Durability and Long Term Performance.

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    I have used one of these they are very good scopes. Good luck with the sale.

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