Lee Zero Error Target Loader - .222 - no longer made in any Lee Loader form

Lee Zero ErrorTargetLoader - .222Rem - (no longer produced by Lee in any loader kit)

These kits incorporate all case conditioning, sizing and loading tools required to load extremely consistent and accurate ammo.

Primer pocket cleaning,
Neck sizing,
Inside neck turning,
Micrometer controlled Bullet seating,

ALL you ever need in one very small box.
Has produced some extremely consistent and accurate, prize winning ammunition (used by the 1000yd record holder in the US at one point!)

One stop shop for all your reloading needs in a neat box
All components and paperwork present

(to collect the components of lesser quality at new prices would cost well over 80. These are much sought after and much higher quality all metal components

.222 Rem (good useable condition, signs of use, very sought after as the standard loader is no longer made in .222)
Excellent apparently unused condition

80 posted