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    Hitch box

    Many of you guys use jeeps vans and cars for stalking like myself who don't have a pickup or use the vehicle as work and other purposes. Well I'm trying to make a link box for a lack of a better work for the deer I shoot as I shoot reds and I don't lik the mess in the jeep epically the ticks. So was trying to build a box/tray to hook on the tow bar or pin hitch when going stalking so I won't have to worry about the mess inside or the reversing a trailer down narrow lanes or fields did any of you make or have bought somthing like this. Same thing as a dog box but bigger and open to place the animal on way home even if possible to have a small even hand winch to load the animal and gut it. If anyone ere could make it I have a design kinda in my head if some wanted to help or try make it. If anyone out there has one already I'd love to see it as I want to make one or if anyone could tell me where to buy them or how much they cost to buy or make

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    Make one with a hand crank jack as your upright to raise and lower the platform to the ground

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