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Thread: SAUER 90 final edition

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    SAUER 90 final edition

    Sauer is launching a final (?... i thought the previous last batch was final...) batch of this model apparently only in .243. I got to handle one once in 7mm RM, and ever since I have always wanted one in either 270win or 30.06. I think its a really nice rifle, personally I dont think they should have stopped making them. Still looking for one in those cals...

    wonder how the 101 compares to it.
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    You could find a high grade Sauer 90 in the USA, as they were imported by Colt. They come on the market all the time, mostly unused safe queens, being sold as part of an estate. Since there is so much firearms trade between the US and Spain with shotguns, there should be some retailers who can procure and ship it for you.

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    I have actually looked at buying one from spain once, but the import tax on firearms in Portugal made it unrealistic and overpriced. Same as a BRNO i was going to buy from the UK to use for parts. with all the taxes and import charges and examinationfees and basic BS it would have ended up being more expensive than the one I actually use.

    I am a patient person. I can wait. I just found it interesting that they have relaunched a final edition after the last final edition....
    has anyone shot with both the 90 and the 101? how do they compare?

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    The Sauer 90 is high polish blue, with a very West Coast American Monte Carlo stock.

    The Sauer 101 has a straight stock, with reverse slope, negative "drop" on the comb, like a Browning X-Bolt, newer Mauser, or Kimber 84, for a telescopic sight. The action and finish of the 101 remind me of my SIG Sauer SHR 970, but the wood is a much higher grade than even my best 970.

    My Sauer 200 is like the 202, just a different safety, same high polish blue as the 90, more normal Monte Carlo stock that works well with scope or iron sights. I bought a set of sights for mine, which was drilled and tapped with plugs, and put sights back on it, and the scope into QR rings.

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    Funny you mentioned the 200, I have been looking at one in 300WM lately for around 1K. As well as a HK 940 in 7x64. I got to handle both of them, but I remember the S90 action was soooo smooth (the sauer 200 is pretty smooth as well).. plus I think the 300WM is too much bang for my needs. The HK is something else though, you really need to get physical to get the bolt back.. I just think I would throw it in the safe because I like it and had never seen one before..
    But I would even give the HK up for a Sauer 90, I just think they are e very beautiful rifle. ... and then I'd get the HK hahaha...
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    If you really like a particular rifle, you may not be too particular about the cartridge. You may just hold out for a Sauer 200 or 202 in something you really want, like .308, .270 Win of 7x64. I find myself wishing and dreaming, then walking in some dusty gun shop and finding something in a different chambering, but lovely and cheap, so out the door I go with it, happy as a clam, my dream rifle forgotten.

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    absolutely... a bit like wimmin
    which is probably why I may get me a HK940 in 7x64 before the baboons in brussels make them illegal.
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