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Thread: Scope rings

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    Scope rings

    Hi All
    I have just ordered a set of leupold QR scope mounts for my remington 700 cdl in .243 with a t8 moderator, i intend to mount a S/B 8 x 56 scope and was wondering what height QR rings to order.
    any advise please

    regards Geoff
    Last edited by geoffrey; 21-06-2010 at 10:45. Reason: S&B dont make a 8 x 65 scope (daft old bugger)

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    S&B make an 8x65?
    You will need the extra, extra high rings QR on special order takes 5 years and costs $4300.
    Sorry just jesting.
    Normally 8x56s need high rings.

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    I had a Nightforce in 56mm on my Sauer 202 and on QD mounts i got away with MEDIUM mounts (2mm) but i suppose it all depends on your rifles reciever height?

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