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Thread: 6.5x47 cases (Neck turned)

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    6.5x47 cases (Neck turned)

    Hi, due to my rifle preferring the original load I developed for it so much I have for sale the following,
    100 Lapua 6.5x47 cases, these were bought last week brand new, I have expanded the necks with my K+M .264 mandrel, trimmed to uniform length, turned the neck walls to a thickness of 12 thou, de-burred and chamfered and full length sized with my Redding full length bushing die with a .285 bushing to give 3 thou of neck tension.
    89 of these cases are unfired and the other 11 have been once fired so with the amount of work gone into these they are a bargain for 60 posted.

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    feck that's 1/2 price or less
    pitty I have a fair few 100 new myself

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    Yes please

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    Pm sent

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    Hi srvet, I am just waiting for a forum member to confirm if he wants them as he said yes first by pm but I have heard no more from him despite him being on here and my 2 pm replies.
    if I dont hear from him soon they are yours

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