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Thread: Recommended read - "A year in the woods by Colin Elford".

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    Recommended read - "A year in the woods by Colin Elford".

    Just read the above book, not a new release as seen posts on SD from 2010/11. Colin is forest ranger on the Dorset / Wiltshire border. The next best thing to being out with the rifle on the shoulder and a breeze on the face! A true countryman and lovely story about stalking and nature through the year, 8.99 well spent.

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    Yeah I have this too it's a good read mate!!
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    Me too...a great read.
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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    Yah, I had this given to me by my father last year. It's a very relaxing read.
    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Yes I have had a copy some while and have read it a couple of times.


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    Hugely enjoyed the read but hopes of contacting him stopped by Data Protection Act!

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    It is also available for the Kindle for less than a fiver. It's a good read.

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    I was 'given' a copy by a non-shooting friend as he'd enjoyed it a lot too (as did I).

    The condition attached was that on finishing reading it I was to pass it on to someone else. A nice idea so I've made sure that it's gone on to another non-shooter with country interests with the same condition attached.

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    Great book, an enjoyable read!

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    Really good read,my mrs has also read it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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