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Thread: Ziess conquest

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    Ziess conquest

    I'm looking for Ziess conquest target turret for my .17 what art get going for s/h. ?

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    What mag are you after and what tube size? You do know the conquest range is pretty much a Meopta in disguise, there's very little components actually made by Zeiss in them, would s Meopta be a cheaper option?

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    The conquest only comes in 1" tube, I have 2 of the older ones and they are great scopes for the money if think depending on condition you'd be looking at 4-500 pounds, for a 4-14x50, or similar, they have a strong following for good reason! The only down side is that if it requires any work then I'm afraid it's back to the states,

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    Thanks gents, I'm looking at the 5-20x50 version with the target turrets. Just after something decent quality that will reliable track, that I can you with the Istrelok app when pinging vermin.

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    Try Greenfields of Salisbury. Was looking at one on Thursday and very tempted and that was a 5-20x50 with target turrets

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    Can you remember how much it was daz ?

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    695 brand new I think

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