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Thread: Brock and Norris

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    Brock and Norris

    Has anyone else having trouble getting hold of Brock and Norris no one taking calls tried all week

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    Maybe at the game fair for their holidays....

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    Yeah I tried beginning of last week no answer, and sent a email no response either.

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    That's not good maybe on holiday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale View Post
    That's not good maybe on holiday?
    An answer phone with a message to that effect and auto answer to emails would take 5 minutes to set up.

    I see shop is now only open 4 days a week, see below.

    Sunday CLOSED
    Monday CLOSED
    Tuesday CLOSED
    Wednesday 8am-6pm Thursday 8am-6pm
    Friday 8am-6pm
    Saturday 8am-6pm
    lease do not phone us on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday as we are not here (our shooting days)

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    Phone lines have been down for 2 weeks

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    Why not PM on here they have posted recently.

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    Probably getting sorted after the game fair.


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    Were they at the game fair ? I hope I didn't miss them, they'd have been one of the better trade stands to visit.
    Hows things David ? Have you got your birds yet ?

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    Hello Nick, I didn't get to Ragley Hall I just wondered if they had been there and needed to close for a bit to get sorted. Birds are in, and we hope to make some openings in the best woodcock woods to improve the numbers "stopping off" this coming season. Hope you are well and it would be nice to see you if you can make it up here.


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