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Thread: Bore protection oil

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    Bore protection oil

    Hi all just looking to see what other members use as protection inside the bore of their rifles when being stored away in the cabinet? At present I'm using the Napier gun oil but it seems to be fairly runny,would be interested to see what others use and recommend. Cheers

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    KG gun oil applied with a patch for me. Bore dry patched before use. They say it isn't needed with SS barrels as they don't corrode, but old habits die hard. Nothing wrong with "runny" oils. Its the composition that matters and being less viscous is perfectly fine (maybe even prefereable) as a thin layer of protection is left behind. I don't use non-branded oils from other sources because most gun oils designed for applications to the bore won't leave a hard to remove sticky residue (not desirable).

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    SS does corrode, just not as quickly.

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    Most of the proprietory 'Gun' chemicals - solvents, grease, oil etc etc have such a marginal differentiation in performance ( NOT identical, BUT so close ) that the average non- total -gun- geek will not see a noticeable difference. Add in that quite a few of the non-Gun oriented products are ditto and you can see how the marketeers are only just behind journalist in the queue to Hades.... And yes I know brand X eats copper before your eyes and brand Z makes you more handsome etc - but just looking at the middle ground, day to day use.

    We've utilised a fair few products for some of the stored firearms we hold. The VP80/90 oils have been noticeable good, as has Rig Barricade, Tuf-glide and of late Ballistol looks good - but we haven't been using it long enough to personally confirm; but its been around so long that it has a track record.

    More than the actual product - unless we get into discussion of emulsification/dispersal/encapsulation/surface effects - the key seems to be to start with a relatively clean and particularly dry bore.

    Pressed for a go-to - I'd likely say Napier VP80/90 or Ballistol. But wouldn't lay awake at night fretting unless I was after storing something for years at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    SS does corrode, just not as quickly.
    Yes perhaps it should be written as stainLESS steel.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    For long term storage A J Parker's stuff that comes in a jar. Like their AC Oil but not. And I've forgotten what it's called! Sorry. If not anhydrous lanolin is good. For storage from week to week? In truth they ALL come out every fortnight and get the bores and etc checked and oiled with a patch with either AC Oil or another oil that Parker's made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Yes perhaps it should be written as stainLESS steel.

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    I use BreakFree but only because I used to sell it and have a lifetime supply since I sold up and retired :-)

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    I use Parker Hale Express oil in my gun and rifle bores after cleaning, wiped out with lighter-fluid on a patch before use.

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    What's wrong with a couple of patches of 3 in 1?

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