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Thread: Buccleuch springer bitch puppy

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    Buccleuch springer bitch puppy

    I'm looking for a bitch pup from a litter sired by Buccleuch Pepper or Kelsey, preferably from a Buccleuch bred bitch. I'd be very grateful if anyone who knows of a litter or of a bitch in whelp could PM me.

    Thank you

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    have you tryed David himself he'd know if any progeny where available I'd guess ?

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    Thanks, I've contacted David and have my name on the lists he has if the breeding bitch owners are looking for homes, but he cannot give me a list of those who have used his dogs for stud - I guess because of data protection/confidentiality. I have a young bitch out of Buccleuch Jazz and she's great, but I've just not managed to breed from her yet and it will be a another year really before I can try again, but I really want another to start to train for the picking up team before then.

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    alot of buccleuch bitchs come down south to my mates then pups return north for training ect a few of the older dogs return when they're looking for a softer life and fewer days on the dukes Midland est .

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    I've seen the Boughton kennels - really nice setup.

    I hear that the Buccleuch stud dogs have been used quite a lot of late but doesn't seem that many litters get advertised.

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    I will be using pepper as soon as my bitch comes into season.
    could be up to 6months tho as she came out of condition around 3 months back.

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    Anyone know of any other puppies/planned litters please?

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    Hi, I have used a son of Pepper on a Verstone bitch who has Buccleuch Jenny as a grand mother on her dam's side, the litter is due around the 10th this month. There is a combined total of 60 ft ch and int ft ch in the sire and dam over 5 generations.The litter is due 10th this month, three pups are spoken for and hopefully I will have 3 or 4 to offer for sale.

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