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Thread: 6.5x284 blaser

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    6.5x284 blaser

    I have an opportunity to get a secondhand match barrel for my blaser r93 , history is known ~400 rounds . I would like it for hunting only rifle and will be trying it out soon. It will come with some accessories dies cases etc. I am currently using 308win.
    I have been looking for something smaller for sometime and the 6.5x55 which I know and love is the obvious choice.
    Factory fodder is very limited and most available being target
    There's just something nice about having and trying something a bit different.
    opinions and experiences please.

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    Thomas Haugland likes his.
    I would go with 6.5x55 personally.

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    If your left handed, I have a Remington 700 in 6.5x284 available, Walther barrel and ASE mod, Hornady dies and brass to go with it.
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    The match barrels are pretty heavy. Great calibre though.

    I have spoken to Thomas Haugland about his choice of the 6.5x284 and his reason being he runs very short barrels. With this he achieves normal 6.5x55 ballistics.
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    Border, thanks for the offer of the remmy ,I am actually a leftie ,but only considering this barrel as I already use a R93 in 308 same profile stock and moderator mounts etc and itis a friend whose is selling it. So If the money isn't too strong it maybe worth a try.
    I'm a big fan of Thomas Haugland and his YouTube channel. I contacted him in the past and he mentioned about the shorter barrels . What is interesting is the round count he gets from his barrels despite the stick and roasting he gives them.Yet with one of his recent barrels he got nearly 2000 rounds before it went off.
    Obvious the x55 is a no brainer in that it is readily available .
    Just the 6.5x284 is a bit different .

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    I have a 6.5-284 its an excellent round. The last time I shot a target at 500 m two shots were about 3/4" apart and I had another two shots about 1/2" apart. So easy to shoot

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    Have a 6.5-284 in Blaser R8 I think its a great round flat as you like and to be honest I too bought it to be different.
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