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Thread: Jotul f250 spares

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    Jotul f250 spares

    Hi All,
    Hopefully some one might have some expertise with this stove- I have a Jotul F250 wood burner, the fire brick surrounds have gone as has the baffle plate above it, held up by the fire brick surrounds. Both needing to be replaced. Does anyone have any expertise/experience redoing the lining on these or know where they can be cut or has a template for the holes drilled in them or know where I can get originals from.
    I have found one place on line but they say a 21 day wait, which could turn into more!
    Any help advice very much appreciated - Karamoja

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    Thanks, they have a 3-4 week turn around. I will use them if I can't sort out some where else.
    Thanks -Karamoja

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