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Thread: CZ .17 HMR American with accessories.

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    CZ .17 HMR American with accessories.

    For Sale.


    1 month old CZ 17HMR Amrican. Only shot about 30shells. Obviously the gun is in good condition with only a few small hunting knocks. The gun has a new trigger (Rimfire Magic) Scirocco sound mod and a Nikko Stirling Platinum Nighteater 30mm IR 6-24x56 Rifle Scope with LRX reticule.

    I am also throwing in 150 rounds of 17grain vmax, cleaning rod and jag and gun bag.

    Face to face only, I am based in Leicestershire.

    Must have a slot for HMR available on ticket or be prepared to give a sizeable non refundable deposit to hold till you sort it out.

    Rifle cost me 400
    Scope cost me 180
    Sound mod cost me 40
    Trigger job cost me 12 (I think)
    Cleaning rod and jag cost me 15
    2 1/2 boxes of 17grain VMax cost me 30.
    Gun bag cost me 30

    All above purchased only 1 month ago.

    I am only selling this gun as I also have a centerfire which I prefer to use for all long range shooting as it is a lot less susceptible to the wind.

    Selling all for the bargain price of 475 ovno.
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    Two weeks too late. Was looking for ages and in the end gave up and bought new...

    I think an appropriate word might be b****r (bother).
    KevinF -

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