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Thread: grouse moors

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    Question grouse moors

    Has anyone heard how the grouse have faired this breeding season.

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    A few places up here have cancelled already

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    As above, some in this area cancelled completely, others cancelled August so far and will then review and one other I'm aware of is still shooting but likely only single guns....

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    I'm booked up for 3 days so far on 1 moor down yorkshire/cumbria way, it never shot last year, keeper thinks there a few about but still small, which surprises me i thought the 1st early broods would of got away ok with thast early dry spell.

    Mate was just round saying some moors up north advertising for beaters on fb wanting them for whole of Aug, i imagine that will be some of the angus moors

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    Not looking too great up this way, early hatches seemed to have survived well and will be ready for the start of the season but lots of small chicks still, end of August/ September before they will be ready.
    Days getting cancelled too, pity it was looking promising too for a while.

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    I heard it was the later broods that struggled.....

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    only go on one grouse moor regularly and I have never seen so many
    coveys of dozens out on the dirt roads
    plenty of calling all over the place

    not an objective test but I would say compared to previous years this one appears to be better

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    had a couple of early days cancelled just this week up here, rain hasn't been helping.

    No news on the rest of the season et but there are plenty of days on the books later on.

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    I've not spoken to anyone so far with much optimism for the season after recent counts. Numbers are down quite significantly and I know of a fair few cancellations or at least not shooting anywhere near the days they had last year.

    The writing was on the wall when the snow dumped on us when the birds were just laying/on eggs.

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    We start on August 23 hopefully will be alright can't wait to be up on the moor, taking grandson again he loves it. Only flanking but wouldn't miss it, meet some really nice people.

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