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Thread: Calling time

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    Calling time

    As dusk starts to fall and light starts to fail through the scope when do most of you call time and put the rifle up ? The question I ask is in relation to deerstalking not varmint shooting, Bearing in mind the laws in pursuit of deer,IE 1 hour before and 1 hour after official sun rise and sun set. and do you regular check those times before going out stalking.

    Usually there is more than sufficient light in most makes of scopes that comes through that enables clarity in compliance , I myself am reluctant when light starts to fade in the evenning of taking any shot unless i get a runner, morning stalking i consider different as light is coming towards you so extend my chances slightly.

    My view is there is nothing as hard as finding a wounded beast thats done a runner when the lights gone , but would appreciate others views on the situation.

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    a very sensible view you have of calling it time!! light starts to fade,been able to find deer! and then the morning light is coming toward you

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    Stu, are you sure that's not light going so must be pub time?

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    I take a similar stance i try to learn from others mistakes and although it hasnt happened to me i dont want to be the one searching for a deer in the dark that even with a torch i can imagine its a tricky task. I try and factor in the chance of having to track +gralloch and generally stop stalking with this time in hand. Sometimes if in a high seat il decend 10 mins before to enable me to take a shot on the way back to the vehicle.


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    I always have one of my my US Gamefinder units in my roesack as it works a treat to find downed beasts, but I also stop earlier but that is due to 60yo eyes "bugger it" anyone tried laser surgery?.

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    I always take my labrador on evening sits. She is an insurance policy as even well shot beasts can sometimes make it back into the woods. She sits under the high seat whilst the mossys take chunks out of her happy as Larry!!

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    I always come away before darkness.It is not just following up in the dark it is also trying to do the gralloch and inspection in the dark .If it is too dark you may not be able to identify sex ,age ,abnormal behaviour etc and therefore may not select the right animal for culling.In the summer months on a good evening the deer are about well before dark usually,just get there earlier

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    I have one of those home weather stations in the kitchen so I can see sunrise and sunset times each time I go out the door - also the moon phase. I always pack it in well before the last of the light goes in the evening for all the reasons stated above.

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