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Thread: Remington 700 action screws

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    Remington 700 action screws

    Need longer ones (reckon 1 1/4") since fitting grs stock. Anybody got any available?

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    Cheers Tony, looked there and no mention of length so didn't want to take a risk

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    Another option...ring Andrew at Riflecraft..they are very helpful..Tony

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    Andrew at Riflecraft has blued extra long action screws but if you want s/s you'll need to get the 'Nickel-Plated Long Screw Kit, BDL' from Bownells, I did last week. They do the blued long screw kit as well if Andrew hasn't got them.

    Brownells S/S
    NICKEL-PLATED REM 700 TRIGGERGUARD SCREWS Nickel-Plated Long Screw Kit, BDL - Brownells UK

    Bownells Blued allen screws are I think these...
    LONG TRIGGERGUARD SCREWS BDL Long Triggerguard Screws, Blued, Allen - Brownells UK
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    Just spoke to Andrew and they are in the post today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah8217bris View Post
    Just spoke to Andrew and they are in the post today!

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    Looking forward to chopping it down to size

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    Why weren't you happy with the answer given you on Varminting UK ?

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    The ones on the link didnt look right when you compared photo to what the screws i removed looked like. Tony came to me rescue.....again

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