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    Evening all, does anyone have experiance of country covers/fortis or harkila clothing? Any information greatly received.

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    Have you thought about Kuiu or Paramo, depending on your type of hunting?
    Both are excellent and I would choose over the ones above for most applications

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    I will have to have a look at those. Thanks very much.

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    Country covers / Fortis used to be good but are now very poor. Their after sales service leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Terrible experiance with FOrtis / country covers both in product leaks badly and secondly in how they deal with it and their attitude . Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers brilliant , jackets are not right fit for me ,I really rate the Nomad Range

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    Fortis/Country Covers? The worst experience with a company I think I've ever had, bought the coat in good faith from the shop, believed the bollox, got a coat that was neither waterproof or breathable, had 26 months of BS and lies from them, cost me God knows how much sending coats in the wrong como pattern or the wrong material or that had the liner replaced and STILL wasn't breathable, finally got a refund, although not a full one, by threatening court action and getting trading standards involved. Please please please save your money and avoid the hassle and avoid Fortis /Country Covers at all costs!!! I could give the numbers of half a dozen keeper's who will tell you the same, Kuiu or Paramo all the way.
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