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Thread: Start of the Fallow bucks

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    Start of the Fallow bucks

    I can't wait until morning. How am I the only person On SD to be looking forward to the beginning of the fallow bucks.

    I get the impression fallow are not afforded the same respect as our other native deer species
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    We don't have fallow up this neck of the woods .

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    Would love too! None up here
    I've eaten it once and was fine!
    Wouldn't mind again just to compare with roe ......for research purposes of course ...


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    It's a beautiful clear morning.
    Sitting in a high seat waiting and hoping....

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    Keep us posted how you get on
    ...07:03 here and 36c already no greenery anywhere, sand sand & rubbish ....I can't wait to get home Wednesday.


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    Feels like about 36F here.
    I can hear a buzzard just behind the tree line, and a few wood pigeon are moving, but no bucks or prickets yet.

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    Loved the beginning of the proper deer season, can still here the tills ringing, Bucks as fat as lard.

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    I'd love to be out, but sadly must work instead

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    I will be out this evening, have seen a few prickets about, i think we have some heavy rain forcasted aswell to go with it,

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    Had a look round last night,one or two prickets about. Saw two groups of does, four in each, but only one fawn with each group. As most of the local worthies shoot big bucks for the pennies it makes me wonder. I know small bucks and prickets will serve does but something is out of balance, never saw much above a sorrel last season. Will have a look this evening as we are getting short on fallow venison.
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