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Thread: Teckel - indestructable bed

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    Wink Teckel - indestructable bed

    Apologies if this (i) has been done before or (ii) is posted in the wrong place.

    Can anyone recommend a dog bed which a Teckel will not destroy?

    Thus far he has, successfully and very proudly, shredded everything we have tried.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    How old is it? I had one that shredded everything and the other didnt. They grew out of it as they got older now they shred game.
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    Cube - I have one! My answer was to be a tuffie (I think it's called). Cost a fortune but still going strong. Everything is rounded.
    They have a photo of one on their web site.
    Any challenges - pm me.
    Good hunting.

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    Well good luck if the dogs got that much energy in it , then it needs to be out Hunting.
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    Many thanks.

    I see what you mean about "cost a fortune"!!!

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    Make a wooden one, use boards and you can replace them as and when required

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    A car tyre bed would work well.

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    My three teckels have a memory phone dog bed they share with no issues. One of mine did go threw a phase of destroying things but now out of it. Me personally I be wrong I'd be looking at his reasons why he's destroying it and looking into when. When mine chew the carpet I used chilli powder to deter from any form of bad behaviour and used raw hide chews and antlers. With a week of persistent and consistency no more damage.

    Alot of my dog bad behaviour from chewing I put down to teething.

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