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Thread: TransK9, Lintran or CAB???

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    TransK9, Lintran or CAB???

    Hi Gents,

    Looking for a new Dog box for the back of my Hilux.

    Needs to fit inside the rear cab and hold 4 lab sized dogs.

    Looking at the 3 named manufacturers above & would like some feedback/ pros and cons from those of you who own them.

    I'm erring towards the TransK9 B9 model at the moment but any input welcome.


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    I have had the Lintran and the TransK9 and prefer the latter, just feels better quality and more durable though heavier . It currently holds a lab , hwv and a couple of spaniels .

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    We have a Lintran in the back of our Shogun - it also fits in the "normal" car if needed.

    I think it's the DB11 - Db11 Frontier

    We can get two labs and two cockers in there, but four labs would be a push. That aside they are solid and dependable dog boxes.

    The advantage of Lintran is primarily weight - even my wife can take it out of the car and she's 5'2 and barely 7.5 stone wet from the shower! They are also easy to wash out.
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    I have a lintran which has done 13 years in the back of my hilux and other than being a little scruffy through neglect is as good as new. It has had constant use work and play. I can't say the same for other makes I have had.

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    I have a Lintran and am very happy with it, I have no experience of the others.
    Lintran were very helpful in finding the right box for my needs and I think they build to your spec to a certain degree.

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    I have had a K9 for 6 years and it's still like new. No squeaks or rattles. Great box and very secure. It's a very solid box. Two people can take it out or put it back into the car with ease. It's a bit heavy/awkward to comfortably do it on your own but is still do-able. Sometimes a little extra weight makes it a bit more secure. When full of dogs it would be near on impossible to get out of the car and the locks would prevent you getting the dogs out separately! Resale value is very strong too! I'm afraid that I don't have experience of the others though

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    I have had both and currently have a Lintrans in the back of a Subaru Forester.
    The transK9 is extremely well made if some what heavy. I would have liked it to have been available in white to reflect the heat but there was no other colour option other than grey.
    I like the Lintrans as it is much lighter to lift in and out and being white reflects the heat

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    Have had three lintrans light to carry good resale price, latest one is a custom made to fit my car

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    I have a client with the transk9 and it looked a bloody good bit of kit. Gun box underneath and transit box on top. Swish.

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    I have a lintran which was originally for a freelander 1 which you can still buy and good for 2 smaller labs

    it's about 12 years old , it's now in the hilux it's a little marked but still as good as when it was new generally, I'd quite happily buy another one no problem I like the fact inside its bright and airy whereas the others seem a little dark and depressing

    I've never tried the others to own but I'm sure they would hold up very well

    I'd personally buy a used one of eBay of whichever make you choose that fits the size you want and save a few hundred pounds

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