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Thread: MTC VIPER 4-16x50

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    MTC VIPER 4-16x50

    Anybody else on here use one or had any experience with them? Just wondering what the general thoughts were on them?
    Cheers, Neil.

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    Alright for air-rifles and bunny rifles in my opinion.

    For the money, and for a scope for serious dusk/dawn use, I would consider the money on a new MTC wasted as long as fixed power second hand meoptas were available.

    What's it for mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil13 View Post
    Anybody else on here use one or had any experience with them? Just wondering what the general thoughts were on them?
    Cheers, Neil.
    I've been using one on my .223 foxing rifle for ages - I love the SCB reticle and now have the aiming marks plotted to 600 yards now. The glass is pretty good in daylight and surprisingly good under the lamp but not that bright at dawn / dusk. The large target turrets are accurate and return to zero reliably. The side parallax is accurate enough to use as a pretty reliable rangefinder if you need it. After sales service from the lovely Sammi Cooper at MTC is excellent.

    It's not bright enough in halflight (dawn and dusk) to be a good stalking scope, plus it's generally to big, fiddly to use and heavy to lug around on a stalking rifle. The SCB ret' is a bit too 'busy' stalking.

    You'd be better looking for a secondhand variable Meopta if you want a serious stalking scope at a bargain price - brilliant lowlight optics, no fuss, top European quality. After that, look to Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, Zeiss, Kahles etc for lovely glass at a not-so-bargain price. IOR scopes have fantastic glass and are available at good prices from Border Barrels - ugly looking scopes though.

    If you are set on an MTC scope, the 3-12x50 Mamba with 4A reticule would be a better choice, although the lowlight issue still applies.


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    Whilst admittedly not a Viper, I have a 3-12x50 Mamba on top of my .243 and it allows me to knock down roe quite merrily and for me it was 180 well spent.

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    Have used one but thought the reticule was far too clutered, esp when illuminated. Lots of flare. Would be good in daylight for long range varmit shooting.

    Second hand Meopta would be a far better choice for low light/lamping. Optics v close to all the other top glass, but far cheaper.


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    My father is a tight arse and put one on his rem700 30-06. Now i know you wouldn't expect it to match my Kahles but we sat 80yds from a roe early one morning which i could see clearly through both my binos and scope. I thought he was kidding me on when he stated he couldn't see it until i looked through his scope - his sight picture was almost grey'd out and the deer was practically indistinguishable.

    You'll kick yourself if you miss that big buck of a lifetime due to poor glass. Get a decent 2nd hand scope.

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    I have one on a .17 HMR and agree with scotsgun. The glass just isn't up to to the 'big' names. Anything over about 10x whites out, even in broad daylight and I find the eye relief fussy.

    On the plus side, the reticule is nice for rimfires, and the illumination works ok.

    I'll eventually replace it though.


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