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    Otto Bock

    Hi all,

    My name is Eric and.... nobody is perfect... I'm french.

    I'm living in Belgium since more than 20 years and I have the chance to use calibers for hunting such as 6,5x55SE, .308 Win, 30-06Sprg which is a forbidden thing in my originating country...

    I choose the Otto Bock's avatar as he was the inventor of 9,3x62 Mauser which is my favorite caliber for driven hunts.

    I'm passionate about hunting rifles and cartridges reloading.

    Read you soon on the forum,

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    Welcome Bock.

    I gather there's some excellent driven boar shooting to be had in Belgium, have you stalked in the UK at all?

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    Thanks NickJ,

    Indeed there is a lot of good wild boar driven hunts in belgium, the wild boar population increases so much that it's becoming a big problem in some areas... From damages costs to be paid to the farmers higher than the territory renting itself to private houses lawn destruction...

    I'm really eager to go hunting to UK Muntjac, roe deer...


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    I have a Belgian friend who owns an estate in Scotland and hope to shoot driven boar at his place at home one day. I have sat in high seats and stalked them on foot in the UK but I think the driven shoots sound like great sport.

    There's lots of good people on the site here who I'm sure would swap a day's boar shooting in Belgium for a few outings at the roe and muntjac. If, after a few posts (so people get to know you) you put it up on the 'Late availability' then you're bound to get an offer. I'm afraid on my roe stalking grounds I can't take guests.

    Bon chance!

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    Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Vive La Différence! Noilly Prat and all that! Welcome along.

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    Hello Otto , or Mr Bock maybe ,

    So Belgian also, just like me. There seem to be more and more Belgians joining the forum.
    Where do you live in Belgium?
    All the best.


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    Dag Rik,

    I'm not belgian I was born in North of France so I'm nearly belgian... I actually live in Namur but I've been living 10 years in Brussels before, Belgium is a wonderful country!

    And you wher eare you from?
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    I notice you even speak dutch. I live in Denderleeuw , about 20km west of Brussels. I did my first stalking in your neighbourhood, bois de Champion. I had some great years there and shot a good few roe. This must have been 15 years ago.

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    Hi 'Otto' I grew up in Overijse just outside Brussels and now live in London and stalk in England/Scotland.

    My father still lives in Belgium, he recently passed his hunting test (no.2 in Belgium) after many years only hunting abroad and won some invites to the Chasse Royale which he is greatly enjoying.

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    Hales Smut, Boghossian,

    Thanks for this,

    I'm actually hunting close to Neufchateau but I like hunting outside Belgium too I'm regularly going to Poland and would like to go to UK Scotland for roebuck and muntjac, may I ask you some info or recommendations?

    I've been working in Wavre for ten year and do know Overijse, nice city and nice grape wine... Yes Chasse Royale is something but the "grosse soupe et lards" are much better in my hunting club!

    Take care

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