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Thread: Ball Hitch Carcass Hosit

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    Ball Hitch Carcass Hosit

    Looking for the above or recommendations on which people find the best and best supplier.



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    David stretton, donnington deer management. Brilliant
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    Mannser one works very well
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    David stretton, donnington deer management. Brilliant
    +1. Very strongly built and will lift any deer in the UK, including big woodland/farmland Red.
    Easy to assemble and pack away too. There are some different models to choose from.
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    Pretty easy to make one if you have the means and time mate. I'm looking into doing my own and reckon I can do it with all the fittings and steel etc for less than 100 easily but my time costs nothing obviously!

    These have lots of stainless fittings etc at good prices and a 50mm trailer coupling will only cost 15 to connect to the 50mm ball! - GS Products - Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chain, Fittings Rope Few bits of box section and bobs you uncle!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smithp18 View Post
    Thanks for the replys
    Ball itch?

    Try quellada lotion...

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