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Thread: Marks and Spencer grouse poll

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    Marks and Spencer grouse poll

    Yet again the Daily Mirror, fronted by Packham, is running a poll as to whether or not M & S should stop stocking grouse.

    Please take a moment to vote 'No' ...currently in the lead....and get your mates to do it.

    Apologies if this has been posted...couldn't see it....and I should say the campaign has been lifted from the BASC website.

    Springwatch host Chris Packham begs Marks and Spencer bosses to stop selling grouse - Mirror Online
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    Done, the no's have a healthy lead at present!

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    Done. The outcome, like most of these polls will be a victory for freedom of choice. But the likes of Chris Packham are a bit like Nicola Sturgeon. They'll keep trying to impose their will on others despite polls telling them they are in a minority.

    He says that the way grouse moors are managed is unethical. Well "ethics" as described by the Cambridge Dictionary is: "the study of what is morallyright and wrong, or a set of beliefs about what is morallyright and wrong". Frankly, I would defend his right to his belief that the management of grouse moors is unethical. Unfortunately he will not allow that anyone can have contrary beliefs and that his beliefs should be made law. To me, that is unethical.

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    The guy doesn't even live in this country, what gives him the right to impose his opinions in our country.

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    Done, does anyone else forward these on to anybody else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by monynut View Post
    The guy doesn't even live in this country, what gives him the right to impose his opinions in our country.
    Where does he Live?

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    Done! Shame they're not interested in reporting the counter arguments...
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    I've signed it and, most important, I'll be off to M & S yo buy some grouse after 16 August.

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