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    Good morning .

    Would anyone who is a bisley regular be kind enough to allow me to tag along some time,

    and show how me the ropes, as such.

    i have been a member of the NRA for some time now, and attended lots of days at the British sporting rifle range, hold a range competency card.

    I just don't know how the whole thing works, with regards to the butt markers etc.

    Anyway if anyone would be kind enough to show me the ropes I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks for looking.👍

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    Hi Foggy, I have got to come up to Bisley in the near future to renew my range ticket,i only go to zero in and have a bit of fun once in a while, I go on the week days, next time I am going I will send you a pm if you have not sorted any thing out by then your more than welcome to come along. all the best John.

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    I was up at Bisley last week for the first time ever. It might be worth contacting the Old Seargents mess who run a shooting club and they were very helpful. Sorry no contact details to hand


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    Hi Foggy
    if you go onto NRA web site you will find a couple of documents in the download section ( I think ) which provide you with a lot of the information you are seeking.

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    Sorry off thread but does anyone know if Dugie Glaister still works at Bisley ?


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    we shoot at Bisley on a monthly basis, if you want to come along as a guest then I'm sure it can be arranged.
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    Hi, myself and 2 others are going on the 9th, am. No problem of you want to join us.

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