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Thread: Hello im Richard. Just joined .

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    Hello im Richard. Just joined .

    Im 38 and live in the North Wales. Im originally from London. My father was german and he used to hunt and so I grew up with a keen interest myself. Does much of it go on here where i am based?
    I currently use a Steyr Scout .223 rifle.

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    Hello Richard - welcome to the SD
    South Shropshire

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    Thank you. Im after some steyr butt stock spacers if anyone has any? Thanks

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    Welcome to the site, try the appropriate forum for spares etc. This is the introduction section, and it is your second attempt at spacers and both attempts in the introductions forum, get a grip man.

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    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cut him some slack , he is new and and may not no how the forum works properly, get a grip man ! And by the way welcome Richard , not everyone is grumpy !!!
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    Welcome from scotland, how do you like your steyr scout for stalking some people seem to love them others hate them

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    Welcome, from another in North Wales.

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