Hi lads,

(I had already posted this in the general deer stalking section, but this category may be more suitable.)

I've been shooting for a few years now (I have a .22wmr and a .223), culling feral goats and rabbits around our farm. Our area (way out West, West Cork) also has a fairly high density sika population, and I'm planning on getting into deer stalking. I'll probably apply for a deer calibre rifle (most likely 6.5x55) and deer licence in time for the 2017/8 season. Last week I ordered a new (and pricey, for me, even if a bargain) scope for that future rifle, so no turning back now!

I'm wondering whether any of the more experienced hunters on here who will be stalking deer in the West Cork/Kerry area during the coming season would be willing to allow me come along on one of their hunting trips to get a better idea of what's involved? I've read up a lot on all aspects of the sport, but I imagine there's no substitute for seeing how it's done in practice, particularly fieldcraft, gralloching, bringing down/skinning the carcass, etc.

I hope I'm not asking too much, as I know I'm a little new on this forum, and so something of an unknown quantity for people, but I'd consider myself pretty copped-on regarding how to behave in most situations, i.e. I wouldn't be a hindrance or an eejit in any way! I have my own transport, and have no problem travelling. I'm also reasonably fit (and prepared to rough it), and would obviously be happy to go along with the plans of whoever was prepared to take me along.