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Thread: trophy muntjac

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    trophy muntjac

    hi folks i have some ground in s/e with plenty of deer on the ground but at the moment there is some very nice munty bucks alot of the younger bucks are in velvet but there are 1 or 2 id happly say are golds big golds if any 1 is intrested in a big munty then pm
    cheers dan

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    Hi Dan, I am very interested in a big muntjac buck an I would know more about your offer. Many thanks in advance for the information. Best, Tom.

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    hi guys what would you call big for a munty ? there are a good number over by me and one of them is huge compared to the others.

    im new to this game so just lookng for some advise

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    we class our cull animal any doe and any buck under 5cm if that helps mate

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