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Thread: Petronas Oils for an '07 Hilux?

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    Petronas Oils for an '07 Hilux?

    Do any experts have a view on Petronas Oils? I'm going to be changing mine soon (it was done 6 months ago before I got the vehicle but I like to know where I stand). I recently picked up some Petronas 5w30 (2 different variants although I think both are suitable). Has any body used Peteonas before, how do they rate it? Before I've just gone down the route of oil is oil but the Hilux forum throws up a bit of passion on the subject, although no-one has come back to me on Petronas.
    Any thoughts welcomed and even better if someone can tell me which of these two is best for a 3.0 D4D I can return the other!!!

    Petronas Syntium 5000 AV 5w30 4ltr

    Petronas Syntium 3000 FR 5w30 4ltr


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    Not regarding your oil query, but I used to have a 3ltr 57 plate hilux. My advice is check that the injector seals have been done as it was a problem with these engines, it caused a carbon build up in the oil pick up pipe in the sump which in turn made the engine work with less oil than it should, eventually causing serious engine failure.
    Happened to me 8 month after getting my 57 plate hilux second hand, big repair bill.

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    Milner offroad sell 5/40 and 10/40 for that model of hilux. They know their stuff and I've never had a problem with any of their gear before. Their engine service kits come with 8 litres of oil so you may find that is round about what you need.

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    Petronas Syntium 3000 FR 5w30 4ltr - This one will do fine the other one is of a higher spec but not really needed in your engine, dont take too much notice of the name on the label as long as it meets the specs of your engine job done oil has come a long way since the 1970's.

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    I am no expert but I agree the main thing is to find out the spec of oil your engine needs and stick with it. For example my Jeep needs oil to MB229.51 spec.

    PETRONAS as a brand is fine. My Jeep will getting it at its next service as fiat/Chrysler use PETRONAS fluids and I would be surprised if Mercedes do not use it as PETRONAS are their F1 team major sponsors.

    I would be happy to put the 5000av in my 3.0 CRD.


    For some reason when I type PETRONAS it goes to all capital letters, sorry.

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    Oil is not oil. The 5 litres you get for a fiver is nowhere near as good as the stuff you pay 30 for. I spend rather a lot of money on oil every year. Not just for my truck but for our fleet.

    pertonas I haven't used but I would imagine it would be good. Would you spend 1000 on a rifle and put a 70 scope on it? No. Then don't do the same with your car.
    Cheap oils will break down quicker than the "premium brands". I'm generalising here. So your Fuchs, shells, and the like will be good to use. Look to the spec that your engine requires. Whether it is 15/30 or whatever and use that. I would personally not use cheap oil.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    For all things Hilux the hpoc website is a wealth of information.

    Give the guys at Opie Oils a call Opie Oils - Automotive Fluids, Oils, Parts, Tools

    They are very knowledgable on what oils suit you best at all price points.

    Hope that helps.



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    Thanks to all,

    I've tried HPOC but it's been unusually quiet. Likewise Opie haven't come back on this question. They have recommended Fuchs previously but with the offer on the Petronas, the Fuchs would have been over twice the price. I don't want to put cheap stuff in but was hoping Petronas is a decent brand and therefore ordered it when it was on offer and got 8 litres for 30. The other I can just return.

    I normally use ROUGHTRAX for my Toyota bits but they only offer semi-synthetic in their Service packs but everywhere else, incl Toyota, are saying use Fully Syn.

    I don't know what oil the garage used to service it before I got it but with an oil change after six months I'd atleast like the peace of mind that it has got something decent in it. I've already changed the diffs and transfer box.

    Thanks again for the responses.


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    I have both on the shelf now so would it not be better to go for the higher spec of the 5000 - there was only 2 difference in price?



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