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Thread: Leica Magnus retro fit ASV

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    Leica Magnus retro fit ASV

    Is it possible to get an ASV turret retro fitted to a Leica Magnus ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Didn't yours have one already?
    no doubt it's possible

    question as always is how long and how much?

    what is the problem?
    have one need two?
    have none need one?

    imo the simplest and cheapest/fastest option is sell the one you have and buy the one you need

    went through this with Zeiss

    not vaible

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    I enquired with zeiss and it was 200 per turret. Not bad really.
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    I dont believe it is possible on the leica as i enquired and was told that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ah8217bris View Post
    I dont believe it is possible on the leica as i enquired and was told that
    It is possible to retrofit. Cost is around €280.

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